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About Suzanna

Hello, I'm Suzanna Burton, owner of  Natural Holistic Healing. 

Over the years as a Holistic Practitioner I have developed a passion for Women's Natural Health.  It is a path that fate has led me down after first qualifying in 1996.

During a difficult time in my life, I discovered my spiritual self and became very interested in Reiki healing and the natural holistic approach.  After experiencing the wonderful benefits of Reiki for myself,  I decided to train as a Reiki Practitioner so I could incorporate Reiki into my treatments to  benefit my clients.


As well as Reiki,  my journey  led me to Massage Therapy.  I was already VTCT qualified   however,  I  decided that I wanted to study massage further.  I qualified in several other areas including  Neuromuscular Technique and  Massage in Pregnancy . For personal reasons, at the age of 37,  I began research in to 'Fertility Massage'. I knew straight away that this is what I had to do. I wanted to help other women in similar situations to myself.   I found a wonderful lady who is the leading authority of 'Fertility Massage Therapy' in the UK. Without absolutely no hesitation off I went down to London to be trained in Abdominal-Sacral Massage which is a specialised massage therapy for Fertility, Reproductive and Digestive disorders. I then furthered my studies to obtain the Advanced level Fertility Massage Therapy certificate , Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher degree.

Since qualifying in 2012,  I have had the pleasure in helping many clients heal their reproductive and digestive disorders, improve their physical and emotional health and quality of life, and of course, become pregnant. It was seeing the transformation in my clients and the beautiful babies being born after receiving Fertility Massage that I then decided to train as a Baby Massage Instructor.                                                                                     

I am very passionate about my work and the treatments I offer.

I have a gentle but effective holistic approach.  My work is enhanced by the intuitive and energetic nature of Reiki.  I treat the person as a 'whole' mind, body and spirit. 

 I feel very privileged to be an Abdominal-Sacral Massage Practitioner - the only one in Lancashire to date and Womb & Fertility Massage ™  Therapy Practitioner,  the first in the North West and now the Womb & Fertility Massage ™ Therapy Mentor for the North West Region.

My passion for 'Women's natural health' continues.

I love my work, I am very blessed.

With very best wishes


Women's Natural Health Practitioner

Reiki Master & Teacher, Baby Massage Instructor