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Loving Your Post Pregnancy Tummy

Posted on 5 November, 2016 at 6:20

Another reason why I LOVE my job so much.

Loving your Post Pregnancy Tummy

By Chereen Douglas – www.thehealingparent.wordpress.com


My Post-Natal Massage Experience

I was blessed with twin girls who were born via c-section. I adored my two little angels but felt challenged by the way my stomach looked post pregnancy. I tried to embrace the movement of loving my scarred stomach and overhang, but I just felt sluggish and horrible. I literally felt like my organs were all over the place, my uterus out-of-order as I could not seem to hold my pee, despite doing those bloody kegel exercises (I dreaded coughing and sneezing! To all my mummies that don’t do jumping jacks or trampolining hehehe). I felt bad about myself and then guilty for feeling that way.

Instead of embracing my mummy tummy I just started to accept that I just had to live with it.

Then my coach had recommended a post-natal massage, it was a little alien to me. I didn’t know that such a therapy was available but I thought it was worth a try. So I got to work searching the net for a local therapist. There weren’t many practitioners where I lived but thankfully I found one that resonated with me.

I wasted no time contacted the therapist. Straight away she was reassuring, explaining what it was I was going to encounter, understanding my symptoms and letting me know I wasn’t the only one who had felt this way. Excited and relieved I went straight ahead and booked an appointment.

Well, I had my first post natal massage! It was amazing! I thought to myself, how do women not know about this???? It should definitely be in a post natal pack.

During the massage my stomach gurgled and contracted as though it was (gently) recreating labour contractions (I didn’t go into labour with my girls). It was magical! I longed to give birthed naturally and the only thought I had when experiencing this was, this longing was trapped in my body and was being fulfilled. I surrendered and allowed my body to do what it needed and trusted the gentle hands that put my organs back into place (it sounds funny but that is what it felt like) and the healing massage of my c-section scar. It was a beautiful experience that led me to book more sessions.

The question you probably want to know is did it work? What other affects did it have?

I can tell you straight away I noticed a difference in the way I felt, in fact I felt a little tipsy (which wasn’t too bad). My stomach also felt put back together and I no longer felt bloated and sluggish. Furthermore, my menstruation was lighter and was shorter, with very little cramping. Now that has got to be a bonus! Even the way I felt towards my mummy tummy had changed, I felt and do now love my tummy (which I didn’t expect from a massage!)

Finally the main reason I am writing this blog is to encourage ALL you beautiful mummies to experience post natal massage. It’s a wonderful nurturing gift to yourself and has lots of health benefits.

The lovely therapist I used was called Suzanna Burton. You can connect with her through the link below or put a search in google to find a therapist that is close to you.


Now go and give your yummy tummy some love xxx


Vaginal Steaming - How it can benefit fertility and menstrual conditions.

Posted on 5 May, 2015 at 11:40

By Suzanna Burton

Vaginal Steaming or Yoni Steaming as it is also known as.

Yoni is Sanskrit for Vagina to mean "divine passage" or "sacred temple"

Why do a Yoni Steam and how can it help with fertility and menstrual conditions?

From a physical perspective, vaginal steams are a great way to cleanse the Womb. They bring heat to the womb which stimulates circulation to the pelvis to cleanse, tone, nourish and heal the tissues. The warmth from the steam opens the pores of the vaginal tissues and with the medicinal benefits of the herbs used, helps to remove unwanted waste and old lining from previous menstruations. It also helps to encourage the Womb into an open and more upright position. Our vaginal tissue is one of the most absorbant tissues on the female body. 

Vaginal steaming can help with conditions such as:-

* Painful, heavy and irregular periods

* Unexplained infertility

* Endometriosis

* Fibroids


* Postpartum and after miscarriage

* Uterine prolapse

* Episiotomy or vaginal tear

* Digestive complaints


From an emotional and spiritual perspective, the steam is literally entering through your Root Chakra to cleanse. So you may have upsetting experiences or unwanted memories of partners that have “been” and “attached” through your Root Chakra.


Alternatively, you may be looking to encourage Love or Fertility into your life, and if your Root Chakra is blocked, this could help to encourage the right energy your way. Vaginal Steaming is a beautiful ritual that opens and connects you to your Womb, allowing the space for the Womb to be at the centre of your thoughts, bringing healing and love to the centre of a woman’s being!


How to do a Vaginal Steam at home.

To do a vaginal steam treatment you need a large handful of dry herbs (these can purchased from my webshop) to boil in a large pot that holds about 8 or 9 litres of water.  (I use a large soup pan) Boil the herbs in the water for twenty minutes and remove from the heat. (You can use fresh herbs from your garden, although you would need double the amount)


Place the steaming pot of herbs on the floor and sit over the pot on a chair with holes or slats in the seat. (I use an old mesh garden chair that I cut a hole out of and place my steaming pan on a wooden chopping board) Your body should be at least one or two feet above the steaming herbs not so close that it may burn you. You should be naked from the waist down with a towel or sheet wrapped all around your legs and waist to hold in the heat. You should remain in the chair absorbing the herbal steam into your vagina for twenty minutes. If you feel like it is burning you, remove the pot of herbs and let them cool for five minutes and replace or just open the towel or sheet to create a vent and let some steam out for a few seconds. the procedure should feel pleasant and relaxing. 


Afterwards, you must be careful about exposure to cold drafts or sleeping in an air-conditioned room. You should keep warm after the steam bath. The ideal scenario would be to go directly to bed and wrap up warmly for an hour. This will serve to strengthen the treatment and allow your body to process the healing effects of the vaginal steam bath. This can be performed at any time during your cycle, except for the 3 days prior to and during menstruation and may be repeated every month until improvement is realised.


Do not use after ovulation if you are Trying to Conceive

Do not use if you are pregnant.

Do not use if you have broken skin or infection around the vaginal area.

Do not use if you have an IUD - Coil fitted.




What are Positive Affirmations? How can Positive Affirmations help with infertility and menstrual conditions?

Posted on 25 March, 2015 at 23:15

By Suzanna Burton 

What are Positive Affirmations?

An ‘affirmation’ is a positive statement that you think or say about yourself or a situation you find yourself in.

How can Positive Affirmations help with infertility and menstrual conditions?

It is commonly known that our thoughts, beliefs, ideas and the way we think creates our feelings. If we are often thinking negative thoughts, the more negative we feel and the more negativity we seem to attract into our lives. When we are struggling to conceive, experience debilitating menstrual conditions or are going through the menopause, it is common to feel and think negatively. An easy and very effective way of changing this is to use ‘Positive Affirmations’ on a daily basis.

Your thoughts, emotions and beliefs have a huge impact on your physical body. When you change your thoughts and beliefs, changes in your body take place and you begin to heal.

Here are some Positive Affirmations that I have put together which may help with different aspects of infertility and menstrual problems. They may not all resonate with you, just choose the ones that feel right for you or add your own. Try to read them and say them to yourself or out loud at least once a day to help re-programme your negative self talk.

Positive Affirmations for 'Unexplained Infertility'

My womb is strong, fertile and safe.

I am worthy of a healthy baby.

My womb is a healthy place that will nourish my baby.

I easily assimilate and absorb all that I need to know and release the past with joy.

I easily release which I no longer need.

My life is a blessing.

My body is a fertile place worthy of conception.

I am grateful for and love my body and all it does for me.

I am worthy of a successful career.

I feel safe, loved and support by my husband/parter (name)

I am worthy of love, life and happiness.

I accept the gift of life within myself.

My body is the perfect pH level to conceive my child.

I release all fears about age and time.

I now release all my fears and concerns about infertility and I declare myself fertile.

I love my new healthy lifestyle.

I allow my creative energies to work through me and bring me a healthy pregnancy and baby.

I choose a healthy lifesyle that enhances my fertility.

I set aside my worries and allow my body to do it's job.

I know what it feels like to be allowed to have children.

I am ready to show the world how much I love my child.

I have enough nutrients for myself and my baby.

My hormones are perfectly balanced.

I allow my mind and muscles to relax.

With each passing day my body prepares for my baby.

I have enough love for myself, my baby and my husband/partner.

I am a wonderful mum and business woman.

I have the ability to heal myself.

My eggs are healthy and happy to be released during my next ovulation.

My reproductive organs work in perfect harmony with my body to allow an easy conception.

Every time my period comes I rejoice in the fact that my body is functioning correctly.

I now release all emotional blocks that prevent me from conceiving a baby.

Positive Affirmations for 'Endometriosis, Cysts, Fibroids, Heavy and Painful Menstruation'

 I trust, love and accept myself.

 I now choose positive thoughts and feelings which nurture my femininity.

 I willingly release negative feelings from past experiences and open myself to positive new experiences.

 I graciously accept my feminine creative abundance.

 The universal life force supports and enhances my creative energy.

 All my organs in my body are healthy and strong. All the cells in my body vibrate with radiant good health.

 I trust my body.

 Every time my period comes, I rejoice in the fact that my body is functioning correctly.

 My hormones are perfectly balanced and my menstrual cycles are becoming more and more regular and pain free.

 I am grateful for and love my body and all that it does for me.

 I feel safe, loved and supported.

 My life is a blessing.

 I am grateful for all that I have.

 My body is a fertile place worthy of conception.

 My womb is strong, fertile and safe.

 I am worthy of a successful career.

 I am worthy of love, life and happiness.

 I graciously accept my creative powers.

 I am completely functional and normal.

 I love my new healthy lifestyle.

 I now choose positive thoughts that nurture and support my life.

 I am both powerful and desirable.

 It is wonderful to be a woman.

 I love myself and I am fulfilled.

My fibroids are dissolving with each loving thought I have for my fertility.

My menstrual cycle connects me to all women.

I am working with my body in a loving way to get my menstrual cycle back.

I am fertile.

I am pregnant.

Positive Affirmations for 'IVF'

My body is creating lots of healthy eggs.

My eggs are of good quality.

All stimulation medication is working well in my body and supporting the desired outcome.

My embryos have found a thick place in my uterine lining and have successfully implanted.

I am already a mother for my embryos.

Positive Affirmations for 'Menopause'

I'm going through menopause more easily and more comfortably with each passing day

Menopause is a healthy and happy time for me.

I love my body as it goes through menopause.

My body becomes healthier each day.

My hormones are perfectly balanced and regulated.

My bones and joints are strong and healthy.

I love my body.

I eat the foods that keep my body strong and healthy.

I embrace this transitional time of my life.


For more information on Positive Affirmations go to www.healyourlife.com – Louise Hay



Castor Oil Packs - How they benefit fertility, digestion and menstrual disorders.

Posted on 2 February, 2015 at 6:30

By Suzanna Burton

How do castor oil packs benefit digestion, fertility and menstrual problems?

For over 2 years, I have indulged in using castor oil packs for my own digestive and reproductive health. I find them very comforting and it is time out for me to relax whilst knowing that this oil is working wonders with my abdomen. If you have had one of my treatments you will already have your own castor oil pack, but, if you haven’t had one of my treatments, please feel free to book one or read on.

What is castor oil?
Castor oil is one of the most ancient oils known for its powerful therapeutic healing properties. Its properties are so effective that it was once referred to as ‘Palma Christe’ – the Palms of Christ as the leaves were said to resemble the hands of Christ. It is derived from the beans of the castor plant, Ricinus Communis. The plant is native to India and tropical regions and is composed mostly of the fatty acid, Rincinoleic acid. Archaeological findings show that castor oil was regularly used for medical application in India, China, Egypt, Africa and Greece for thousands of years.

What are the benefits of castor oil?
Castor oil has many benefits. It contains vitamin E, proteins and minerals and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. When used in a castor oil pack, it can help heal the digestive and reproductive systems in the following ways:-

• Decreases inflammation and improves liver function.
• Increases lymphatic and blood circulation.
• Enhances the immune system.
• Aids in elimination of waste and toxins.
• Promotes the healing of tissues.
• Encourages peristalsis (the natural contraction of the intestines that aids waste removal)
• Improves nervous system.
• Improves intestinal function
• Improves absorption.

• Detoxifying before conception.
• Improves circulation to uterus.
• Clears out stagnant blood and tissues
• Can help to shrink uterine fibroids and non-malignant ovarian cysts.
• Improves egg, fallopian, ovarian and uterine health.
• Improves stretch marks.
• Helps to heal caesarean scars.

What is a castor oil pack and how do I use it?
A castor oil pack is an external application of castor oil. I use a muslin cloth which is 100% cotton or you can use a piece of flannel large enough to cover your abdomen from your ribs down. Saturate the cloth in castor oil (must be cold pressed, organic if possible) but not too much as it is dripping. It is important to warm the pack before you use it. This can be done by placing it under a hot water bottle for a few minutes and keep turning until it has warmed through.

Use the pack when you have time to yourself and you are able to rest. Spread out an old towel over the bed so that if you get any drips it won’t ruin your bedding. Have a second towel that you would just use for when your castor oil pack is ready. When your pack has warmed through, DO NOT HAVE IT SO HOT THAT YOU BURN YOURSELF, lie on the bed, on the towel, place the pack over your abdomen, and then place a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel over your abdomen. Cover yourself up with a blanket and chill out from anything from 30 minutes up to 1 and a half hours. Have some paper towel handy to wipe off the excess oil afterwards or you can use the excess oil to massage your abdomen after you have done the pack. (If you have had fertility or digestive massage therapy from me, you will know how to do the self help massage)
When you have finished with the pack, keep yourself warm and try to rest. The pack can be stored at the bottom of your fridge in a plastic bag and can be used up to 30 times just adding more castor oil each time you use it.

How often should I use the castor oil pack?
It is suggested to use the castor oil pack 3 times a week. If you are trying to conceive only use up to ovulation then stop.

When not to use a castor oil pack?
DO NOT use a castor oil pack if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or menstruating,
DO NOT use a castor oil pack if you have broken skin.
DO NOT take internally.

Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil Packs can be purchased on this website. Please go to the online shop.

For more information on castor oil packs please visit the website of Edgar Cayce www.edgarcayce.org or read the book ‘The oil that heals’ by William McGarey







Welcome to my blog

Posted on 10 August, 2014 at 8:55

Hello and a warm welcome to my new website.

I'm excited about the launch of my new site and I have lots of interesting information to share with you all regarding fertility, digestion, nutrition and women's natural health in general.

I will be regularly posting blogs on these issues so please visit my site frequently.  I also have a Facebook page where I will share lots of articles. Please 'Like' my facebook page so you don't miss out on the latest news. www.facebook.com/naturalholistichealingtherapy

Please feel free to share my page with your family and friends, especially those who may benefit from my treatments. 

Warmest wishes



Spelt Bread - Better for digestion.

Posted on 10 May, 2014 at 11:50

What is SPELT?


Spelt is an ancient grain widely recognised for it's many health benefits. Triticum spelta, as it was originally named in Latin, is a hardier and more nutritious cousin to modern wheat.


One of the earliest domesticated grains, spelt hasn't changed since Biblical times. It is mentioned in the Old Testament in various Roman texts. It remains unaffected by concepts such as ' agribusiness', 'cross-breeding', 'hybridization' and 'genetically modified' - words that have come to dominate our modern food supply.


Spelt is known for it's nutty flavour and has long been popular as the ultimate health food grain. It is an excellent source of Protein, Fibre, Complex carbohydrates, B vitamins, Magnesium, Niacin, Thiamine and Copper, better than whole wheat.


Spelt does contain gluten, but it is a much more digestible form of gluten than is found in it's more modern cousin , wheat.


Spelt is also highly water- soluble, which means that all of it's wonderful nutrients are easily absorbed by the body with the minimum of work by the digestive system.


Spelt flour can be substituted for modern wheat flour to make breads, pasta, cakes etc.


(If you have a wheat allergy, please consult your health care provider before consuming spelt)