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Castor Oil Packs - How they benefit fertility, digestion and menstrual disorders.

Posted on 2 February, 2015 at 6:30

By Suzanna Burton

How do castor oil packs benefit digestion, fertility and menstrual problems?

For over 2 years, I have indulged in using castor oil packs for my own digestive and reproductive health. I find them very comforting and it is time out for me to relax whilst knowing that this oil is working wonders with my abdomen. If you have had one of my treatments you will already have your own castor oil pack, but, if you haven’t had one of my treatments, please feel free to book one or read on.

What is castor oil?
Castor oil is one of the most ancient oils known for its powerful therapeutic healing properties. Its properties are so effective that it was once referred to as ‘Palma Christe’ – the Palms of Christ as the leaves were said to resemble the hands of Christ. It is derived from the beans of the castor plant, Ricinus Communis. The plant is native to India and tropical regions and is composed mostly of the fatty acid, Rincinoleic acid. Archaeological findings show that castor oil was regularly used for medical application in India, China, Egypt, Africa and Greece for thousands of years.

What are the benefits of castor oil?
Castor oil has many benefits. It contains vitamin E, proteins and minerals and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. When used in a castor oil pack, it can help heal the digestive and reproductive systems in the following ways:-

• Decreases inflammation and improves liver function.
• Increases lymphatic and blood circulation.
• Enhances the immune system.
• Aids in elimination of waste and toxins.
• Promotes the healing of tissues.
• Encourages peristalsis (the natural contraction of the intestines that aids waste removal)
• Improves nervous system.
• Improves intestinal function
• Improves absorption.

• Detoxifying before conception.
• Improves circulation to uterus.
• Clears out stagnant blood and tissues
• Can help to shrink uterine fibroids and non-malignant ovarian cysts.
• Improves egg, fallopian, ovarian and uterine health.
• Improves stretch marks.
• Helps to heal caesarean scars.

What is a castor oil pack and how do I use it?
A castor oil pack is an external application of castor oil. I use a muslin cloth which is 100% cotton or you can use a piece of flannel large enough to cover your abdomen from your ribs down. Saturate the cloth in castor oil (must be cold pressed, organic if possible) but not too much as it is dripping. It is important to warm the pack before you use it. This can be done by placing it under a hot water bottle for a few minutes and keep turning until it has warmed through.

Use the pack when you have time to yourself and you are able to rest. Spread out an old towel over the bed so that if you get any drips it won’t ruin your bedding. Have a second towel that you would just use for when your castor oil pack is ready. When your pack has warmed through, DO NOT HAVE IT SO HOT THAT YOU BURN YOURSELF, lie on the bed, on the towel, place the pack over your abdomen, and then place a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel over your abdomen. Cover yourself up with a blanket and chill out from anything from 30 minutes up to 1 and a half hours. Have some paper towel handy to wipe off the excess oil afterwards or you can use the excess oil to massage your abdomen after you have done the pack. (If you have had fertility or digestive massage therapy from me, you will know how to do the self help massage)
When you have finished with the pack, keep yourself warm and try to rest. The pack can be stored at the bottom of your fridge in a plastic bag and can be used up to 30 times just adding more castor oil each time you use it.

How often should I use the castor oil pack?
It is suggested to use the castor oil pack 3 times a week. If you are trying to conceive only use up to ovulation then stop.

When not to use a castor oil pack?
DO NOT use a castor oil pack if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or menstruating,
DO NOT use a castor oil pack if you have broken skin.
DO NOT take internally.

Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil Packs can be purchased on this website. Please go to the online shop.

For more information on castor oil packs please visit the website of Edgar Cayce www.edgarcayce.org or read the book ‘The oil that heals’ by William McGarey