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WEBSHOP -Full Range

WEBSHOP -Full Range

Dalmation Jasper 8mm Crystal Bead with Sterling Silver Accents & Cheetah Jasper Pocket Stone SET


For all you fellow animal lovers.

This beautiful animal print set comprises of a Dalmation Jasper Crystal Bracelet with a Cheetah Jasper pocket stone (approx 1")

This bracelet is personally handmade, cleansed, charged & Reiki Master blessed for your highest intentions by me, Suzanna.

Also gift boxed with personal instructions about your bracelet. If you are purchasing this bracelet as a gift for someone else please provide their name when ordering.


WRIST MEASUREMENTS Please measure your wrist in inches to get the best fit, then select the measurement nearest to your size when ordering. I do add a small tolerance to your measurement .

here are some of the healing properties for the crystals included in this set.




This beautiful spotty Dalmation Jasper is known as a PLAYFUL stone, connecting to your inner child. Brings well being, balance and mental clarity.

Also known as a protective stone and is good for stress, depression and negative/over thinking. Dalmation Jasper is said to stimulate your sense of FUN and is a useful pick-me-up for energy depletion. It transmutes negative energy & outworn patterns and connects physical and spiritual energy. It is said to help with restful sleep and guard against nightmares.

Dalmation Jasper is also known to help relationships and letting go of the past. It encourages fidelity and helps balance hormones & emotions, bringing happiness, devotion and composure. On a physical level it is known to boost the immune system & clear toxins from the body.


It's clear to see where this beautiful stone got it's name from. Cheetah Jasper is extremely grounding and helps to ward off fears and the flight responses often faced while in survival mode.

Cheetah Jasper is known for it's protective properties and is excellent for removing negativity from people, places and situations. Cheetah Jasper is a reminder to take a breath, take a break from your technological devices and get out in to nature. 

Thank you.

Please state if there is anything specific you would like your bracelet set Reiki blessed for? Please state name of person receiving gift if purchasing for someone else.

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