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Client Testimonials

'I have been buying the steaming herbs from Suzanna's web shop since last November and have been steaming regularly.  The herbs are good quality and her website has good instructions on how to use them.  I can fully attest steaming has improved my menstrual health, helped regulate my natural periods without any issues after ten years of taking the pill.  Any questions you may have Suzanna gets back to you and is there to help.'                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hannah - Plymouth



'Suzanna has been treating me with fertility massage for the last 18 months on a monthly basis.  I can honestly say she is one of the most understanding and caring people I have come across on this journey.  She has helped me with physical and emotional stresses of dealing with PCOS and infertility and I am proud to say that she has helped me to overcome many issues and to get to where I am today with a positive pregnancy result.'                                                                       

M. A - Nelson

'After 2 years of TTC, I wanted to try something new.  I researched fertility massage and came across Suzanna.  From the first phone conversation, Suzanna was lovely and made me feel comfortable to talk to her.

I had my first session and really enjoyed it. I came out feeling relaxed and happy, something I hadn't felt in a long time!

I booked my second session but I didn't actually need it! I was pregnant after the first session!

I am so thankful to Suzanna for making my dreams come true. I'm looking forward to pregnancy massage with Suzanna.'                                                                                                                             

Laura - Preston

' I loved my sessions with Suzanna!! I always looked forward to them and really noticed a positive difference regarding regulation of my cycles and just generally feeling more relaxed and positive.  Suzanna's natural enthusiasm, warmth and advice are amazing.  I am now 4 months pregnant and would encourage anyone to see her.'                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mairi Rose - Bolton     

' I had been trying to conceive my second child for sometime without any success.  I decided I needed to do something about it & I contacted Suzanna for Fertility Massage. Unbeknown to me, I was holding onto emotional baggage and was stressing about not being able to conceive.  After two sessions with the wonderful Suzanna, I became pregnant! I am so so grateful to you Suzanna for all you have done.  You helped me see past my hurdles, believe  in myself, my body and helped me achieve my dreams. You truly are a miracle worker & I'll be seeing you soon for Pregnancy Massage.'                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Anita - Widnes                                                                                                                                                                                                 

'I began menstrual massage treatments with Suzanna after being diagnosed with endometriosis. Over the past six months Suzanna has helped me enormously with both the  physical and the emotional aspects of my condition. Suzanna has an incredibly caring approach which makes it very easy to relax in her company- this was so important to me in dealing with my concerns surrounding my condition.  From my very first appointment I have been able to share my health and emotional worries with Suzanna due to her warmth and her genuine interest in helping women with these conditions. 

I would highly recommend menstrual massage treatments with Suzanna.'                                   

Rachael - Lytham St Annes        

'I cannot recommend Suzanna enough. From our initial phone conversation I realised just how knowledgeable and special Suzanna was. She instantly put me at ease, with her reassuring, calm and caring manner.  I was really looking forward to my appointment with her.  I had been told I had secondary infertility and  was in the middle of my second IVF cycle. Suzanna massively helped me to release past trauma and emotional baggage and reconnect with my body. 

I'm thrilled to say I am now pregnant and grateful to Suzanna for the part she has played in my journey. It is still early days, but with Suzanna's visualisations and positive affirmations I am able to be more positive about the future. 

Thank you so much Suzanna!'                                                                                                                                  

J P - Ashton under Lyne                                                                                                                                       

'I have had 3 treatments with Suzanna over the past 4 months - I have always had PMT and tried lots of treatments which haven't really made any difference - Since having the sessions with Suzanna my PMT has massively improved so much that I actually feel in control. It comes and goes with no real problem which is fantastic.  My husband and daughter have noticed a big difference. 
I have just left Suzanna's after having a treatment and needed to put pen to paper to explain the energy that I felt and the warmth from Suzanna's hands was wonderful.  The healing session was very calm, she cleared so much and it has made a massive difference to me - Thank you so much Suzanna.'                                                                                                                      
- Lara - Lytham                                                                                                                                                   
'What a healing treatment! Suzanna offered me a Reiki treatment together with a Womb massage.  It was the first time I have received a Womb massage or Reiki, but it was the most wonderful experience.  It has left me feeling refreshed and revitalised.   Together with the massage and Reiki, Suzanna taught me some Postitive Affirmations, exactly what I needed to reinforce to myself, the positive aspects of my life.  I really can see a different perspective after the treatments. I feel so different and can really see the benefits!  I am so thankful to Suzanna and will definitely continue on this healing journey.'
-Neesha - Lancashire.

'Suzanna was so friendly right from the start at my first enquiry. I was a bit apprehensive as I've had a few unsatisfying massages with other therapists previously.  Suzanna was so welcoming and it was very quickly apparent how knowledgeable and passionate she is about all the types of women's massage. She is a highly skilled practitioner.  The treatment was outstanding and the baby loved it- kicking away! I just wish I'd found her earlier so 

I could have fit in more appointments before my baby arrived!'

-Grace - Hutton.

'My sessions with Suzanna were extremely relaxing and very pleasurable. Having had both Reiki and stomach massages, I feel my irregular, heavy and painful periods have improved.  I would definitely recommend as Suzanna is very professional, friendly, warm and welcoming.'

-IA- Preston.

'I first went to Suzanna for Pregnancy massage which was lovely. When my baby was a bit older I went back for Post-natal massage and we soon discovered my back was not in a good way.  It took a lot of consistency but it has paid off!

Thank you Suzanna, you have literally changed my back, I am so grateful for your magic!

-Chantelle- Preston. 

'I'm so thankful to have had wonderful treatments from Suzanna.  I've felt very relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of Reiki and also Womb Healing.  I was amazed at how the Womb Healing experience was, I felt very re-assured, safe and looked after in all the treatments.  Suzanna is very considerate and really takes time to help her clients.'

-LK - Preston.

"I had struggled with dreadful periods for a long time and the pain was waking me in the night.  After searching for help I found Suzanna and after a few sessions the pain really stopped.  I was also able to focus more on health and relaxation which I realised were a huge part of being able to conceive. I would highly recommend to anybody wanting to start a family and struggling to conceive.  This is a great way to align body and mind to prepare you for a fantastic journey into motherhood. "

-Sarah- Lancashire

"I can confidently say that finding Suzanna in my pregnancy was a blessing.  I was struggling with aches and pains in my pregnancy and was told I have SPD, all I was searching for was someone that could help me relax and soothe my body.  Having tried different spa's across the North West, I can truly say that I was grateful for Suzanna.

I wasn't just treated like another customer and given the same generic body massage, instead she really listened to my needs and concentrated on areas of my body that were aching the most.

 I felt comfortable the moment I met her and the whole experience was so relaxing. I went home feeling stress free and so calm. I revisited Suzanna a few days before my due date hoping to help things speed up. I'm pleased to say the next evening I went into labour :)

I would definitely recommend a massage during pregnancy with Suzanna, especially to help with aches and pains at the end. Looking forward to visiting her again now that I've had my baby so that she can help get me back that pre pregnancy feeling."

- G Kauser, Lancashire

Loving your Post Pregnancy Tummy

By Chereen Douglas – www.thehealingparent.wordpress.com

My Post-Natal Massage Experience

"I was blessed with twin girls who were born via c-section. I adored my two little angels but felt challenged by the way my stomach looked post pregnancy. I tried to embrace the movement of loving my scarred stomach and overhang, but I just felt sluggish and horrible. I literally felt like my organs were all over the place, my uterus out-of-order as I could not seem to hold my pee, despite doing those bloody kegel exercises (I dreaded coughing and sneezing! To all my mummies that don’t do jumping jacks or trampolining hehehe). I felt bad about myself and then guilty for feeling that way.

Instead of embracing my mummy tummy I just started to accept that I just had to live with it.

Then my coach had recommended a post-natal massage, it was a little alien to me. I didn’t know that such a therapy was available but I thought it was worth a try. So I got to work searching the net for a local therapist. There weren’t many practitioners where I lived but thankfully I found one that resonated with me.

 I wasted no time contacted the therapist. Straight away she was reassuring, explaining what it was I was going to encounter, understanding my symptoms and letting me know I wasn’t the only one who had felt this way. Excited and relieved I went straight ahead and booked an appointment.

Well, I had my first post natal massage! It was amazing! I thought to myself, how do women not know about this???? It should definitely be in a post natal pack.

During the massage my stomach gurgled and contracted as though it was (gently) recreating labour contractions (I didn’t go into labour with my girls). It was magical! I longed to give birthed naturally and the only thought I had when experiencing this was, this longing was trapped in my body and was being fulfilled. I surrendered and allowed my body to do what it needed and trusted the gentle hands that put my organs back into place (it sounds funny but that is what it felt like) and the healing massage of my c-section scar. It was a beautiful experience that led me to book more sessions.

The question you probably want to know is did it work? What other affects did it have?

I can tell you straight away I noticed a difference in the way I felt, in fact I felt a little tipsy (which wasn’t too bad). My stomach also felt put back together and I no longer felt bloated and sluggish. Furthermore, my menstruation was lighter and was shorter, with very little cramping. Now that has got to be a bonus! Even the way I felt towards my mummy tummy had changed, I felt and do now love my tummy (which I didn’t expect from a massage!)

Finally the main reason I am writing this blog is to encourage ALL you beautiful mummies to experience post natal massage. It’s a wonderful nurturing gift to yourself and has lots of health benefits.

The lovely therapist I used was called Suzanna Burton- Natural-Holistic-Healing.co.uk

Now go and give your yummy tummy some love xxx"

"I am 29 weeks pregnant and had an amazing massage from Suzanna. I have never felt so relaxed in my life never mind pregnancy!  Suzanna ensured I was comfortable and warm throughout the massage. I would definitely recommend her and I am re-booking"

- Chantelle  - Fulwood, Preston

 "Finding it very difficult to slow down and find time to relax at 33 weeks pregnant, I booked a pregnancy massage with Suzanna, Full body, face and head. It was amazing. It released so much tension in my lower back and shoulders. Looking forward to my next treatment"


- Laura T - Chorley 

"I am 35 weeks pregnant and had a pregnancy massage with Suzanna who had been recommended to me by a recently pregnant friend.  I felt so relaxed, I can't remember the last time I felt so calm and relaxed. I really felt the benefits straight away. I will be booking in another session ASAP!"


-Sam Chadwick – Preston

'With a history of painful, heavy periods, and taking the pill for three to four years from the age of 15, I have never had a “normal” or “healthy” menstrual cycle.

Before contacting Suzanna about her menstrual massage treatment, I hadn’t experienced a period for six months. During this time, I also suffered with constant mood swings, digestive issues and other abdominal and pelvic pains.

After just TWO TREATMENTS with Suzanna, I got my period back. This was a huge breakthrough for me.


Aside from the massage treatments, with her nutritional guidance and home care plan, I noticed a huge positive change in my body within only a couple of weeks. I now rarely feel bloated, I have more energy, I feel happier and more confident in my body, and I am experiencing healthier periods, with little to no cramping at all.


I am SO grateful for Suzanna and the wonderful work that she does.


If you are looking for help with any menstrual issues, I highly recommend this treatment. It really does work! And she is lovely, helpful, supportive and makes you feel completely at ease. '

Beth S, Preston

' I had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, had been through one failed IVF cycle & was just about to start my second cycle. Suzanna has a lovely friendly manner and she put me at ease straight away. The fertility massage was wonderful - so relaxing - and she has amazing hot hands that feel very healing. Suzanna gave me some very good advice and really helped me to visualise and have positive thoughts throughout my IVF. I'm pleased to say that my second cycle was successful! (early days yet) but I'm very grateful to Suzanna for her treatment & support.'

Michelle C, Crooklands, Cumbria

'I have been treated by Suzanna over the last couple of months with fertility massage following secondary infertility.  It has been a truly wonderful experience and aside from her professional service, Suzanna is a very warm and understanding person.  I always enjoy the massage as it is such a relaxing and spiritual experience. She very much makes you feel at ease.  I feel that I have reconnected with my body and my cesarean scar from my first birth has gone from an angry, red mark to a calm, settled & beautiful momento of welcoming my daughter.  I am truly grateful to Suzanna for making me feel a step closer to meeting my second child. Highly recommended.'

Mrs M, Wales

'Suzanna has been a great help when going through IVF.  I have had fertility massages and noticed a big difference when going through the second cycle of IVF.  Suzanna made me feel at ease and provided me with lots of advice as well as support.'


Thank you for being such an important part of our journey - so my baby and I could meet.

C  McKenzie - Manchester

'Having just had a baby, I found Suzanna's massage amazingly relaxing. The Hot Stone massage gave me such relief from the tension which had built up in my back due to breastfeeding.  I'm going to make it a regular thing and I'm very much looking forward to the next one.'

Priya Popat - Cottam, Preston

'During the course of my pregnancy I had the pleasure of having a massage by Suzanna.  It was a very calm and relaxing experience and her kind personality made it all that more enjoyable.  I have now given birth to a beautiful baby girl, and was in much need of a post-natal massage, Suzanna once again worked her magic, and so I would highly recommend Suzanna.'

Shahina Dedat - Preston 


'Suzanna is thoroughly professional, very friendly and approachable and provides an excellent service.'

Melanie Cottam - St Anne's

'I have been having massage and reiki treatments from Suzanna for some time now. In the past I have had injections to help me cope with pain as it was so severe.  Since having treatments with Suzanna I have noticed improvements mentally and physically, I am also able to lie on my left hand side without pain, which I wasn't able to do before. Suzanna is always pleasant, professional and ensures that I am comfortable.  I always feel relaxed and rested after her treatments.'

Mrs F - Cottam, Preston

'Suzanna has a very warm friendly manner which puts me at ease straight away.  She provides a totally professional service.  The reiki sessions are wonderful and afterwards I feel so relaxed and calm, which isn't easy with the busy pace of life these days'

LM - Preston

'Suzanna is treating me for IBS and other digestive problems.  Through her extensive knowledge and skill she creates in me a feeling of relaxation and contentment, which is bliss.  I look forward to my treatment with pleasure and anticipation and try to follow all her advice.  In only 3 weeks I noticed a big improvement.'

Mrs Penny Minikin - Thornton-Cleveleys

'After a 36 hour flight, I was suffering from awful jet lag - after receiving a back massage and Reiki treatment from Suzanna, my 5 day headache disappeared.  You're amazing, Thank you x'

Mrs H Hagan -  New Zealand