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Womb Healing Therapy

Our WOMB is both literally and figuratively a women's 'creative space'  out of which women can produce babies, relationships, careers, novels, insights and all creative works.

Whether you physically still have your womb or not, when our energy - mind, body & spirit, is not flowing smoothly in this area all sorts of problems can arise.

There are many reasons or issues that can affect the energy around your womb space, and in some cases prevent women from living a full and happy adult life.

Here are some examples:-

* Feelings of Anger, Resentment, Neglect, Rejection, Revenge, Blame, Guilt, Shame, Fear, Embarrassment, Intimidation, Power, Control.

* Wanting to leave a relationship but fearing the  financial  consequences.

* Divorce.

* Shame of body image.

* Shame of family background or husband's social status.

* Guilt about the quality of your mothering or parenting skills.

* A history of sexual, physical, emotional abuse/manipulation.

* Guilt over an abortion.

* Loss of a child or children.

* Inability to conceive.

* Loss of a loved one.

* Fear of losing a loved one.

* Loss of a pet/companion.

* Traumatic birth experience. (Your own birth and/or your child's birth)

* Hysterectomy.

* Caesarean Section.

* Sex and control issues with other people.

* Problems with money and finances.

* Inability to get your career off the ground.

* Safety and security in the world.

* Inability to trust others.

* Lack of self-esteem.

* Bullying. (Being bullied or the bully)

* Inherited issues passed down from parents and grandparents such as:-





Expected behaviour relating to Career and Relationship

Inherited views on Menstruation and Sex



Non-expression of Love and Emotion

Seeking parents and grandparents approval

The list goes on and on!!

When our Womb space becomes blocked, stressed and traumatised by the issues mentioned above, physical, mental and emotional conditions can arise.  Here are just a few!

* Anxiety

* Depression

* Inability to conceive a child

* Infertility

* Menstrual conditions such as painful, heavy, irregular, lack of periods. Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids and  Cysts, PCOS, PMT, Vaginosis, Candida, Thrush and other gynaecological issues.

* Digestive disorders such as IBS, Constipation  and Bloating.

* Disorders of the Urinary system.

* Throat problems.

* Skin conditions - hives, urticaria, itching, acne, psoriasis, alopecia.

* Lack of Libido- loss of Sexual desire.

* Excessive libido - sex addiction.

* Power and Control over sexual relationships.

* Fear of sex or seductive manipulation.

* Inability to achieve sexual satisfaction.

* Fear of entering into a new relationship.

* Lack of desire, passion and excitement about life in general.

* Fear of life.

The stress and trauma becomes trapped in our Womb space and abdomen and can turn our lives upside down.  This stress and trauma can be released by having Womb healing therapy, which is a gentle, non-invasive, relaxing massage of the Womb space and abdomen,  incorporating Reiki healing.

By having Womb healing therapy you are taking a major step towards healing and releasing your trapped stress and trauma. You must acknowledge and accept these issues and be willing to release them to create a harmonious energy within.

I understand that some stresses and traumas are too painful to share and digging up the past is not always a good thing. As a practitioner,  I don't need to know all the details, the healing can take place regardless.

I have helped many women improve all different aspects of their lives using Womb healing therapy.

To heal the Womb, is to heal the Woman.

Woman I am, Woman I be, heal my Womb and set me free.

'I am so thankful to have had wonderful treatments from Suzanna.  I've felt very relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of Reiki and also Womb Healing.  I was amazed at how wonderful the Womb Healing experience was,  I felt very re-assured, safe and looked after in all the treatments.  Suzanna is very considerate and really takes time to help her clients.'

LK- Preston

'My sessions with Suzanna were extremely relaxing and very pleasurable.  Having had both Reiki and Stomach massages, I feel my irregular, heavy and painful periods have improved.  I would definitely recommend as Suzanna is very professional, friendly, warm and welcoming.'

IA- Preston